Pindulo launched a pilot Supplier Development Programme called #Siyaphambili in partnership with its key customer, Transalloys. 

Pindulo created the programme in response to ongoing community and stakeholder conversations and developed it to support the growth and sustainability of select local transport SMEs in the region.

The programme involves a targeted supplier development programme to improve the sustainability and future growth of the selected SME beneficiaries. The programme’s first phase, the call to action, invited local transport SMEs to learn more about the initiative and apply it if interested.

Qualifying SMEs were required to register their expression of interest and complete a detailed questionnaire about their business. Applicants had to have transport experience and an evident passion for their work. They had to be committed to their growth, wanting to add value to their clients.

Three successful SMEs are programme beneficiaries, with the possibility of subcontracting to Pindulo when they need additional services for their key client, Transalloys. The supplier development programme helps SMEs unpack their strengths and identify the gaps they see as development areas. After completing the detailed registration form, qualifying SMEs got invited to pitch for a slot on the programme. 

Pindulo created the programme to support the growth and sustainability of the selected regional SMEs and was structured to unlock impact in stakeholder communities. The hope was for #Siyaphambili to start unlocking the region’s full potential and take all stakeholders closer to the vision of collective success together.