At Pindulo, safety is our top priority when transporting goods. This is why we work closely with the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) to obtain and maintain our RSR Permit, which is critical to our operations.

The RSR’s mission is to promote safe railway operations in South Africa through appropriate support, monitoring, and enforcement, guided by an enabling regulatory framework. As a railway transport operator, Pindulo recognises that the RSR plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our operations and the railway system as a whole.

The RSR oversees the safety of railway transport in South Africa and promotes improved safety performance to encourage the use of rail. They monitor and ensure compliance by conducting audits, inspections, and occurrence investigations. Additionally, the RSR develops regulations and cooperates with other state organs to effectively manage safe railway operations. The RSR also works to harmonise South Africa’s railway safety regime with other SADC countries.

By working with the RSR and maintaining our RSR Permit, Pindulo can assure our customers of the safety and reliability of our rail transportation services. We are committed to upholding the highest safety and regulatory compliance standards in everything we do.